The Last Straw ...bag

Free Knit Pattern


12st x 12r = 4"

Finished Size:

11" wide x 7" long


2 Spools - Wraphia Brand Raffia in color of choice

US 10.5 Straight needles

embroidery needle

Lucite Purse Handle 6.8'' Black

Materials for Optional Embellishment:

Felt -1 sheet in the following colors:

Black, Brown, Green, Fuchsia, Hot Pink

Crewel Needle

Embroidery Floss in the following colors:

Hot Pink, White, Violet

Sharp Scissors

Fabric for lining (optional)


Panel (make 2)

CO 30 st in

Work in ST stitch for 7"

BO all stitches


CO 9 st

Work in Garter St for 25”

BO all stitches


* see Optional Embellishment Section

Using the raffia,

Sew the panels to the gusset

Line bag with fabric (optional)

Attach Handles

Optional Embellishment Instructions:

Cut a 5”x5” square with the black felt

Cut a 4”x4” square with the brown

Click Here for the Flower Pattern

Cut out shapes from the printout

Trace each shape onto the designated color felt

Cut the Shapes out of the felt

Sewing it together:

Use Running Stitch and 3 strands throughout

-(slightly tilt the position of the star)Sew Green Star to Brown Square with Violet Embroidery Floss.

-Sew Pink Circle to the center of Fuschia Flower with the Violet Embroidery Floss.

- Sew Fuschia Flower to the Green Star (already sewn onto the brown square) in Pink Embroidery Floss

-Whip stitch with white floss, make eight even sections in the pink circle (see pic above.)

-Sew Brown Square (with flower sewn on) to the Black Square with White Floss

*-Sew Entire Appliqué onto the center of the front panel with 5 Strands of Pink Floss.

Copyright © 2004

pattern designed by: Tamie Snow

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