Fun Fur Christmas Tree

Free Craft Photo Tutorial


A Styrofoam tree form 6"

1 Skein on Eyelash Yarn (like Lion Brand Fun Fur)

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

1 Straight pin



Warm up your glue gun

Insert Straight Pin in end of yarn (as pictured)

 Stick pin into tree near the top to hold yarn in place

 Run a bead of hot glue around the top

 Wrap Yarn around tree as shown:

Add more glue, I like the 3 "M"s formation. Draw 3 M's around the tree and wrap, Wrap, WRAP!

(glue has been colorized to show location - do not use colored glue unless you're into that sorta thing)

 Almost Done...

 Looking Furry!

 Almost done...I like to add a pom pom to the top for extra fun...


Don't act like you're not impressed. That took me all of 15 minutes to make and it's friggin' fantastic...or FUR-tastic.

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