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In this collection you will get:
Amigurumi Animals Collection V.2
The Trio
Big Poke Turtle Pattern
Pretty Puggle The Platypus
The Yeti
Big Blue
Monkey Man
i <3 mushrooms 2.0
Tough Love
Trick or Treat
Candy is Dandy
Lulu's Love Dragon
Lulu's Rattles
Rainbow Butie

CYOA Poke Turtle Pattern*
Big Butie*
The Trio II*
The Thumbkins*
Oui Petite*
Garden Friends*
I <3 Mushrooms*
Whodunit? Mish*Mash*
Morgen Doll Pattern*
Ramona Peep*
Amigurumi Babies Collection*
A Roxycraft Valentine's Day Pattern Collection*
A Roxycraft Christmas Pattern Collection*
"Springtime Basket" Pattern Collection*
Lucille Peep*
"Owen's Bear" Amigurumi Pattern*
Deep Sea Babies Amigurumi Pattern Collection*

*Available only in All Pattern Bundle

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